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Graco Paint Roller 2024: How To Setup & Complete Review




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We all know that painting is a time-consuming process. It can be tedious, repetitious, and just plain monotonous, even for those who know what they’re doing. Maintaining our houses in excellent shapes, like many other duties, is, however, a need.


Although painting houses and other buildings by hand with a brush and roller is still the most popular method, new technology has been used to make the process easier and faster.


Before choosing a power paint roller, a wide range of people would consider the paint spraying vs. roller discussion. In this article, we will talk about the Graco Pressure Roller which can be used both as a roller as well as a sprayer.


Continue reading to learn more about Graco pressure roller- its features, how to set it up etc. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide at the end of this article so make sure to check that out!


Graco Pressure Roller Kit

You could be one of those individuals who prefer to have both a paint roller and a paint sprayer at their disposal. If so, then you’ll love the Graco 24451 Pressure Power Roller kit. 


A pressure roller handle, a 40-inch extension rod, and a 1/2-inch nap roller cover are included in this set. Since the roller connects easily to any spray-less cannon with a 7/8″ thread, it is not required to be used with a Graco airless system. 


It is ideal for situations when you can’t use a typical airless spray system, such as outside in a breeze or polished and equipped indoor rooms.


When compared to using a sprayer, there is far less overspray. It does take a longer time than airless, but it can complete the work in half the time that a roller would. Its Evenflow system enables equal paint distribution and eliminates leaking. The key is to maintain the pressure low and just squeeze the trigger when more paint is required. 


Also, when you squeeze the trigger, make sure that the roller is rolling. If you’re accustomed to the new faster speed of an airless without the roller, the slower speed will aggravate you to no end. Your patience, on the other hand, will be paid with a clean, even finish.


Features Of The Graco Roller


Aside from the increased speed provided by a power paint roller, the roller can also be attached to a Graco spray gun. The paint gun adaptor allows you to angle your paintbrush up to 45 degrees. You can have the best possible outcome — speed, accuracy, and a near-perfect finish – this way.


Again, if you already have an airless paint sprayer, this is a fantastic alternative that may offer you a high-quality paint job in half of that time.


Painting high ceilings is never enjoyable (or quick), but this equipment can make it a lot easier to get to those hard-to-reach spots and ensure a more even flow of paint for a better result.


This means that you can paint a larger area in a shorter amount of time while still getting a beautiful finish on your walls. You will be able to reach the ceiling quite easily thanks to the 20-inch extension.


The spray gun’s trigger is one of the most useful characteristics; you can expect a decent, constant flow as soon as you click on the trigger. As a result, you won’t have to wait for the pressure to rise before activating the paint sprayer.


Since, you don’t need any equipment to attach the spray gun, the Graco 244512 is an excellent item to have on hand if you’re in the mood to redecorate. You won’t get as tired because it’s lightweight.


Furthermore, Graco has been producing excellent painting equipment for a long time, and there’s a reason why expert painters regard them as such.


But, we did get a few complaints. It is built from stainless steel so it is heavy, and thus you can expect yourself to get tired at some point. Another problem we found with this roller is it’s synthetic roller cover, which fades with time and is difficult to clean.  


Overall, if you’re familiar with setting up and cleaning up a sprayer system, the Graco is a breeze to operate. It is an excellent choice for you if you want to spend on a product that will help you for future uses.


How to Set-up Graco Pressure Roller

Trying to figure out how to use the Graco Pressure Roller with Graco paint roller? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! 


Since the paint is supplied directly into the roller sleeve, there is no spray and no risk of overspray from pulling the trigger mistakenly. When you need a quick application with no spray, this is a terrific tool to have.


It does not require a great deal of pressure to work. In most cases, 400/500 psi will suffice.


What The Graco Pressure Roller Kit Includes


  • 45° Gun Adapter
  • 20 in Extension
  • 9 in Roller Frame
  • 1/2 in Nap Roller Cover


Steps To Set Up The Graco Pressure Roller


  • Attach the pressure roller according to the instructions.


  • When the paint is contained within the pipe, you should connect the pipe to the gun. The sleeve will slip right off, so simply push the attachment down and the roller sleeve will come off, revealing holes through which the paint streams out and into the roller sleeve. The head of the sleeve is perforated.


  • Use the lowest pressure level at which the pump primes to follow the pump-priming instructions.


  • Place the prime/drain valve on the pump so that it sends fluid to the hose.


  • Pull the trigger while disengaging the gun’s safety mechanism, and the roller will be filled. Play around with the triggering pistol and the rolling paint.


  • The important thing is to keep the pressure on the machine low enough that once your rollers are full of paint, you can properly distribute and roll it about.


  • If the triggering gun isn’t supplying sufficient paint for your rolling speed, raise the pump pressure.


  • To stop paint from seeping out, alleviate the pressure and lift the end of the rollers of the extension tube whenever you stop painting. To avoid paint drying in the pressure roller and harming it, clean the pump, gun, and pressure roller quickly after every use.


Buying Guide


What Should You Look For In An Electric Paint Roller?


Before you click “buy,” there are a few things to think about if you want to add a high-quality electric paint roller to your toolkit.


  • First and foremost, think about how frequently you’ll be using this paint roller.


  • To begin with, they all tend to leak at the connections. Putting Teflon tape to the connections can help a little, but constructing swivel connectors that don’t leak at all involves some very costly work. To keep prices low, they take corners on the design and production of these systems, therefore some leaking is to be expected.


  • These systems can only pump so much paint at a time. They work a lot better with cheaper paints because they are thinner. If you’re using high-quality paint, you might need to thin it a little to get it to run smoothly. Just make sure you keep track of how much you’re thinning so you can do the same with the following gallon (otherwise your color may not be inline).


  • These devices are difficult to clean, but they must be cleaned completely each time they are used! Otherwise, you can count on tossing it out and purchasing a new one. Similarly, avoid purchasing one that has been returned; you have no way of knowing how properly it was cleaned.


  • Pay attention to the directions! Yes, we understand that the instructions are only needed when all else fails. You will most likely fail if you do not read and follow the instructions. The only concern is that if you fail, going back and following the instructions may not be possible.


That being said, there are three essential characteristics to look for in a high-quality electric paint roller:


  • A power refilling device that makes saturating the paint roller cover a breeze.


  • The option to add a paint roller extension handle to make it more adaptable for high ceilings and large walls.


  • The maximum amount of paint it can hold (go for more ounces if you paint large areas often)


Keep in mind that you get what you pay for while selecting and using painting tools.


Final Thoughts


We believe in investing in products that help us do our job effectively, quicker, and simpler, and this is one of the first products we’d like to add to our inventory for upcoming painting projects. So, if you want your painting job to be done quickly and efficiently, get the Graco pressure roller kit.


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