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How To Save Money With Wagner Smart Roller – Read Here




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How To Save Money With Wagner Smart Roller – Read Here


We’re continuously looking for new tools to make our painting work easier and faster. To uncover the latest and greatest, as well as the best traditional equipment and gear, we explore the aisles of paint shops, surf the web, and ask the thoughts of painting pros. Guess which paint roller did we discover to be the best budget roller? Yes, it’s the Wagner Smart Roller!


Many people trust Wagner paint sprayers, but they also make a power roller series called The Smart Roller. It combines the comfort of a traditional kind with the efficiency of a sprayer. You should choose this fantastic product if you wish to boost the attractiveness of your home. It is speedier and more efficient than many other rollers when it comes to painting your home.


Let’s have a look at the exceptional characteristics of this roller by scrolling down this page.


Wagner Smart Sidekick Power Roller

Wagner paint roller

The Wagner Smart Sidekick Power Roller is a useful little tool that clamps onto the edge of your paint can and mechanically pulls paint out, then fills your roller. Instead of having to return to the paint pan, hunch over, and physically fill the paint, you can simply click a button and let it refill. Your painting time would be cut in half.


In-depth Wagner Smart Roller Review


This Wagner Smart Roller power paint roller is by far the most advanced device in the Smart Roller line. It is a power paint roller with a flexible arm that attaches straight to the can, so no trays or extra containers are required. 


One of the many benefits this technology provides to the industry is the ability to paint huge rooms or floors in an easier, faster, and more efficient manner.


The paint stick roller is attached to the container containing the sprayed paint. The volume of this canister is normally 1-5 gallons. The paint is then applied directly to the surface, resulting in a smooth and evenly dispersed layer throughout the entire area.

The paint is directed to the end of a 15-foot-long hose. Small holes in the interior of this automatic painting roller generate a uniform spread, resulting in a beautiful finish with minimal effort.


As a result, for DIYers wishing to cover big rooms or many rooms, this automated paint roller is a time-saving tool. You save time and reduce spills by not having to go back to the tray regularly.


The favorite part of Wagner’s smart sidekick is the quick-release lever. During your painting project, this small but vital element allows you to swiftly disconnect any rollers or other equipment. Depending on the project, you can alter them as quickly and as frequently as you need.


This Wagner power roller is an excellent substitute for a sprayer, which requires more expertise and control to achieve the required finish. Since the application is just like the manual method, users will feel a lot more comfortable with this arrangement.


Overall, the Wagner Smart Roller will save you time, labor and paint if you are a frequent painter at home.


Characteristics of the Wagner Smart Sidekick 


Time Efficiency


From the can to the rolling brush, the Smart Sidekick has an automated feed. Through the small interior openings, a 15-foot hose suctions the contents directly from the can and distributes them evenly across the top. 


This eliminates the need to stop and walk to the tray for a fresh coating. You can keep the can at a safe distance while continuing to work on the walls.


Easy Setup and Customizable Length

Wagner paint roller

Since there are few parts, assembling the Wagner sidekick is also simple. A pipe, a power paint roller with an on/off switch, and the primary component that connects to the tires and is also where the electrical line is pulled out are all included in the box.


Just use the clicking arm to connect the main component to the open canister you’ve decided to use, then place the hose inside and connect the device into any ordinary home electrical socket. The paint is carefully pushed towards the roller, where it distributes evenly for a controlled finish.

The pipe is 15 feet long, which is plenty for most home improvement projects. However, if you have high walls or a huge area, a removable extension rod can easily extend the length.


The handle is equipped with a paint-holding canister. The Wagner Power Roller negates the need for a paint container by storing paint in the handle. Paint is pulled directly from your paint can into the handle-mounted canister. 


The paint is then pushed into your brush from the handle, and you paint it to the wall. This improves the tool’s effectiveness. The paint handle can carry around 6 ounces of paint, which is enough to cover about 96 linear feet in a single fill.


Paint Flow Control


You can adjust the amount of paint that the Wagner Smart Edge Roller draws with the Wagner Smart Edge Roller. When using a standard brush, this might be a problem because there can be a lot of messes and waste. It accomplishes this by using a thumb-activated trigger that allows for accurate paint application on surfaces.


It applies to neat lines. The roller on this Wagner Power Roller produces immaculately crisp lines. As a result, it’s ideal for painting around doors and windows. Three-inch-wide lines are painted with the roller. This instrument is preferred because it minimizes the requirement for accuracy that a hand brush requires. This, when combined with the paint roller edge tool, results in immaculately straight lines.


Ease of Use


Painting as a profession can be difficult to learn, particularly for individuals who prefer to paint with brushes. The straightforward design of the Wagner Smart Edge Roller makes it reasonably simple to pick up and use.




It features a paint holder in the handle, so you don’t have to deal with open paint. The edge protection on the paint roller helps to avoid the problems that come with open painting.


Ideal for a Variety of Jobs


The paint container in the handle carries 6 ounces of paint, enough to tackle door frames, window trim, floorboards, and any other finish work you may encounter.


What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing a Wagner Power Roller?


There are a number of advantages to using the Sidekick.


  • To begin with, the Wagner Smart Sidekick replacement roller is inexpensive, allowing you to replace it whenever you want without breaking the bank.


  • The Wagner power roller is very simple to stow and doesn’t take up much room. It was also created with professionals in mind, making it easier for beginners to enjoy and succeed at their first painting experience.


  • Because of its compatible system, it’s simple to combine with various accessories that will help you to improve and ease your paint job.


What Does the Wagner Power Roller Come With?


The Wagner Power Roller includes –


  • Paint roller (stick)
  • Container for storing paint and
  • A long tube 


How To Use The Wagner Smart Sidekick Power Roller?


Setting Up The Sidekick


The Sidekick fits straight into your paint can, allowing you to paint an entire room without bothering to bring around a paint tray. It is ideal for larger sections or whole rooms where you just want to get it completed as quickly as possible! 


Just put your paint can on the Sidekick’s ledge, attach the suction tube, and press it down to the bottom, then snap it into position and press the yellow clamp down to secure your paint can. You’re all set to begin!

Remember to always refer to the instructions before getting started and while setting up – Wagner goods generally come with really helpful and extensive instructions (it’s one of our favorite things about them as a manufacturer! ), so the owner’s manual will most likely answer any queries you have. 


We also recommend that you use caution when moving the paint around the space. The hose is long enough that you won’t need to transfer your paint in many rooms, but if you must, use two hands to collect both the paint can and the Sidekick. It’s robust, but it’s not designed to be handled by the paint can alone! 

How Does It Work?

Wagner paint roller

  • When you switch on your Sidekick, the paint roller’s handle has a small button that powers it. When you press the button, the paint can’s suction tube will start sucking paint up and through the (long) hose connected to the roller. 


  • When the paint has made its way completely through the pipe and touches your roller, it will start to cover the roller evenly. If you’re just starting, set your roller on the wall and start rolling it back and forth as soon as you see specks of paint — if you leave it too late, the paint will start to leak! 


  • Roll the brush back and forth on the wall (exactly like you would when painting) until the paint is absorbed and the splotchy covering is gone. To stop the paint from flowing, simply press the button on the handle again. 


  • Now that your roller is filled, you can paint around the wall until you run out of color – simply hit the button again till your roller is soaked (it only takes a few seconds after the first time! ), and keep on moving. 


  • The benefit of this is that you won’t have to stop painting to refill your roller. There will be no crouching, no spilling paint, and no hurting back. You can fill up your paint roller with the click of a button and never come to a halt. 


Another fantastic feature that you’ll notice is that the Sidekick provides substantially better coverage than a standard roller. We discovered that we needed fewer coats of paint because our paint roller was always fully wet while we were working. The paint glides on so easily that it might cut your work time in half – or perhaps more.


Cleaning The Wagner Power Roller


One of the most important considerations when purchasing a power roller is how easy it is to clean. This is particularly important because paint can be difficult to remove from a sprayer or power roller due to all of the moving pieces. 


“How easy is it to clean?” is a question we’ve received from almost everyone. The Wagner Smart Roller cleaning technique, on the other hand, is one of the simplest ever.


We were a little concerned about the cleaning procedure, to be honest. It can’t be simple to clean a 15-foot hose full of paint, right? Wrong. We were quite impressed by how easy the cleaning procedure was, and it’s largely hands-off, which is most peoples’ preferred method of cleaning.


Cleaning all of the Wagner Smart Roller’s components takes 30-40 minutes. Below is a quick summary of how the Wagner Sidekick Power Roller cleans up: Perform the following actions:


Before You Clean


You must use a cleaning solution that is appropriate for the paint kind. Latex-based paints, for example, are cleaned with hot soapy water, while oil-based paints are cleaned with white spirits. You will also need a big bucket or container to keep the cleaning solution in.


  1. Transfer the excess paint to the paint bottle


  • To remove the leftover paint from the roller component into the pipe, you draw the plunger back.
  • Next, by pressing the filling valve into the filling hose and pushing the plunger forward, the surplus paint will be poured into the container.
  • After that, remove the splatter guard and disconnect the roller cover piece from the roller arm by pressing the locking tab. The roller cover is removed, and the roller core is pushed out the other end.
  • Put the splatter guard, core, lid, and cap in a cleaning solution bottle as the final stage.


  1. Cleaning the Wagner Smart Roller.


  • Remove the fill tube from the container cap and insert the fill tube’s other end into the valve housing. After that, submerge the fill tube in the cleaning product and push the plunger in and out 5 times.
  • Now, after removing the fill tube, dip the roller arm and valve in water, and drive the roller plunger in and out 5 or more times. Keep pulling the plunger in and out at least five times after detaching the roller arm and dipping the top of the smart roller and fill valve.
  • Finally, you clean the remaining pieces by hand with a proper cleaning solution, including the cap, core, lid, and splatter guard.


That’s a fact, the full procedure takes us no more than 30-40 minutes (and that includes running the water twice), and you can spend more than half of that time scrolling through your Instagram or reading a book while the Sidekick does the work. Cleaning up is, let us just say, a breeze.


One thing to keep in mind is that you need to replace the roller cover each time you use the system. You may certainly wash and reuse the cover, but we all know how difficult it is to clean roller covers correctly – and these are very crucial to keep clean as they have slits in them to let the paint flow through.


Change The Cover For Maximum Effectiveness.


Anybody who has ever attempted to paint knows how difficult it is to obtain a fully clean roller. This is why many individuals choose to just replace the cover so that they may begin each work fresh.


For this electric paint roller, that has always been the better option. With quick-release technology, the cover can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds.


What We Liked:

  • Since it only has a few parts, it’s simple to put together.
  • It conserves time.
  • Quick painting
  • Excellent work.
  • Simple to use
  • Low-cost
  • A warranty period of one year
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • The automated feed always assures an equal coating, it saves materials.
  • Attachments and quick replacements are made possible by the detachable handle.
  • It does away with the requirement for a rolling tray.
  • Direct-feed delivery ensures a steady supply of paint.
  • Ensures uniform coverage
  • For less mess, the design is drip-free.


What We Didn’t Like:

  • It can be challenging to entirely remove the paint from the feeding tube.
  • The cover is difficult to clean, so you’ll need spares, but this also applies to the manual version.
  • There is a small leak from the grip on the first day.
  • Cleaning the roller properly takes 30-40 minutes.
  • It has the potential to be loud.


Final Thoughts


This Wagner power roller is the best choice for you if you need a dependable roller to assist you finish your painting project. It’s an excellent painting tool for larger DIY projects. It allows homeowners to complete painting tasks more quickly without needing to purchase more expensive equipment such as sprayers.


This tool is ideal for large rooms with high ceilings or entire house renovations. Its automatic technique saves you time while also ensuring that layers are more evenly distributed. It’s not just for major painting jobs; you can also use it for minor projects like painting a part of the house or a garden shed.




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