How To Paint Popcorn Ceiling Without Making A Mess

how to paint popcorn ceiling

What is a popcorn ceiling? How do I do away with the dirt on my popcorn ceiling? Should I just get rid of the whole ceiling? Well, there are different types of ceilings and popcorn ceilings is one of them. In the early years, popcorn ceilings were very popular and they still are. Learn the … Read more

How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor

How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor

Are you a seasoned veteran painter or a beginner? What do you hate about the painting job? Is your painting job perfect? Yes, I know, rollers and paint brushes are tedious and time consuming. Fortunately, today I am here to give you a perfect alternative- using a spray gun with an air compressor to facilitate … Read more

What CFM is Required For Spray Painting

What CFM is required for Spray Painting

What is CFM? Why is CFM important? What CFM is perfect for my spray painting job? These are some of the questions that I receive regularly from painters. If you are a beginner, you are told to focus on the basics as you improve. For over half a decade, I have been working with different … Read more

How To Build A DIY Dust Collection System

How To Build A DIY Dust Collection System

One of the challenges that face workshop operators is the constant dust from woodwork. The dust has many effects on one’s health. Dust particles are known to contribute to cardiovascular and respiratory health issues. Besides these severe health conditions, dust, especially wood dust, can irritate your throat, eyes, and skin. If you have ever or … Read more

How To Remove Spray Paint From Vinyl Siding

how to remove spray paint from vinyl siding

Did you know that there is a way for you to get rid of that stubborn spray paint from your vinyl siding? Regardless of how the paint got on your vinyl siding, you probably want to clean your vinyl siding but don’t know how to. You may wish to remove spray paint that accidentally dripped … Read more

How To Paint Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding

My excitement for painting my kitchen cabinets slowly turned to dismay as I sat there staring at 700 square feet of bone grinding sanding ahead of me. Stripping and sanding is a regular precursor to painting cabinets but the realization of what you’re in for doesn’t sink in until the moment of truth. It was … Read more

Orbital Sander vs Sheet Sander: Understanding The Difference?

orbital sander vs sheet sander

Sanding is among the most common tasks when handling wood projects. However, most people don’t understand the difference between orbital sanders and sheet sanders. Understand that you can only get a professional finish when you use the right type of sander for the job.Today, we will take a comprehensive look at both the orbital sander … Read more