Paint Sprayers vs. Paint Brushes: Which To Choose?

Paint Sprayers vs. Paint Brushes: Which to Choose?

There is no doubt that painting is one of the most effective ways of improving your furniture and your home in general. Today, a well painted house or furniture will cost more than the one that has been neglected. Painting as an art has been there for a very long time. Fortunately, as time goes and technology continues to grow, the art of painting and all that it entails grows as well. For instance, the tools used in painting today are different from the ones used in the past. Today’s tools are more improved, efficient, convenient and durable.
Talking of painting tools, paint sprayers and paint brushes have been subject to debate for a considerable amount of time now. Which one do you opt for? In this article, I seek to help you answer that question or at least get you closer to making the right decision. I discuss each one of them below:

Paint Sprayers 

Paint sprayers are very easy to use and can help you apply paint very quickly. This can be attributed to the fact that paint sprayers emit small particles that cover a wide area of your spraying surface. Additional, the small particles can reach every nook and corner easily so you will not have to keep going back. While it is true that it may require some practicing to use a paint sprayer effectively, the results are always amazing once you become a professional. Additionally, paint sprayers are suitable for completing big projects. The installation process of a paint sprayer is sometimes tedious but it cannot be compared to the effort that the tool will save you once it is up and running. 


Using a paint sprayer comes with the following advantages:

• Allow you to apply paint quickly.

• Extends to areas that may be hard to access using other painting tools.

• The finishes that paint sprayers give cannot be compared with what other tools provide. The finishing of a paint sprayer is always top notch if used correctly.

• Paint sprayers sees to it that your surfaces dry up fast soon after painting.

• Very convenient once it is up and running.

• There are different sizes of paint sprayers available in the market today.


Even though paint sprayers boast having plenty of advantages, like any other tool, they too have their disadvantages. Here are the major ones:

• The process of preparation is long and tedious. You have to set up each parts correctly or otherwise you might not complete your project.

• Sometimes the coat produced by paint sprayers can be too thick or too thin to your liking.

• It is hard for the paint to adhere to surfaces when using paint sprayers.

• You cannot use a pain sprayer on a windy day for obvious reasons.

• Just like the installation process, it takes time to clean a paint sprayer. 

Paint Brushes

As aforementioned, painting has been there since time immemorial. In the same spirit, paint brushes are the oldest and most popular form of painting. Today, various sizes and types of paint brushes are available so you can choose one that suits your project. For instance, you can opt for narrow paint brushes when painting joints and alcoves. On the other hand, you can use wider brushes when covering larger surfaces. Medium paint brushes are suitable for corners. You also have to determine whether to go for hard or soft brushes depending on your needs. For professionals however, brush painting is mostly for decorative purposes. 


• Coverage is even and uniform as compared to what other similar tools have to offer

• A paint brush gives you control as to where the paint goes when painting. This gives you the opportunity to customize your results as you deem fit.

• Paint adheres to the painting surface with ease.

• As compared to paint sprayers, paint brushes can paint every nook and cranny properly


• The process of paint application is very slow
• Plenty of brush marks left behind
• You need to make two or more coats for better results
• Application is subject to obstruction

Which One to Choose

As the popular saying goes “no school like old school,” many painters prefer paint brushes not only because they are classical but also because they address the problems that come with using a paint sprayer. However, this is not to say that paint brushes do not have problems of their own. If anything, they are very slow and you have to apply more coats to achieve the best results. That makes it very hard to decide which one is the best on one go. However, to make the task easier for you, I have highlighted some of the factors to consider when picking between a paint sprayer and a paint brush below:

You Type of Painting Project

The type of painting project that you want to complete plays a huge role in determining which painting tools you are going to use. For instance, if you are going to paint a small surface, a paint brush would be suitable. However, if you are going to paint a large surface, you have no option other than a quality paint sprayer. 


The time you have to complete the painting project also matters. For instance, if you have limited amount of time, the best option is to go for a paint sprayer. However, if you have the time to paint and repaint, a paint brush will serve you well. 

The Resources at Hand

If you are not on a budget, you can opt for a paint sprayer which is relatively more expensive. However, if you would want to save some cash, going for a paint brush would be a wise idea. 


Paint sprayers vs. paint brushes: which one to choose? This is a debate that has been going on for a while now and I was happy to share my thoughts through this article. I do not have a straight answer for the question either. However, I would recommend that you go with one that suitable for you and your project. Consider factors such as price, type of project and the time at hand.

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