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What is the Best Way to Sand Stairs?




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What is the best way to sand stairs

If you are thinking about refinishing your hardwood stairs, keep in mind that it is possible. If they have been worn and scratched by everyone who walks on them daily than I would recommend sanding the wood down before applying any chemicals or stains just so there’s nothing left behind from old finishes.

What is the Best Way to Sand Stairs?

If you want your steps to last as long for years then why not put some extra effort into taking care of their durability?

Prepare the Area

Remove any items that are on or around the staircase and then seal off an area to contain dust so it doesn’t spread. If your stairs have carpet, remove it completely. Check for nails or carpet staples sticking out of risers as well; you will need these pieces removed in order to sand without tearing up sandpaper.

Once complete sweep and mop the steps. Clean up any liquids left behind by cleaner products. Apply painters tape along edge of each tread closest towards the riser.

Sand the Stairs

Begin by removing the existing finish from your hardwood stairs. You can use a chemical stripper or sandpaper for this step, and it is important that you do not skip over any areas since there are different levels of finishes which will affect how new ones look after they’re applied in some way.

If using chemicals to strip away old layers sounds like an intimidating task then be sure take note: just as with most things worth doing at least once-you’ll get more out if yourself than what was put into it.

For heavy sanding and stripping, you need coarse-grit paper that is 60 or finer. For smoother surfaces & removing small imperfections choose 80 to 120 grit.

Each time you advance to higher grits it will remove more scratches from the previous layer – be sure your work area has been cleaned off thoroughly after using different grades of sandpaper so as not leave any residue behind! After finishing up with all these high end finishes make sure there are no unwanted debris left around.

Sanding the spindles of a handrail is not a simple and straightforward process.

It’s important to note that if you cut strips from sandpaper for wrapping around posts, use them by sanding back and forth. Also be sure to keep moving up and down the spindle to prevent wearing any flat spots.

Protect your eyes, nose and mouth while sanding. Wear protective glasses or a mask to prevent injury from particles in the air. Always ventilate an area before starting so that you are not breathing these harmful fumes around all day long.

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