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What Is The Difference Between A Band Saw And A Scroll Saw? Choose The Best




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Whether you’re a carpenter, a handyman, or a stay-at-home parent building a treehouse for your children, you need to know the difference between all the tools available to you. Depending on what you’re making, you’ll need precise instruments, or you won’t get the result you’re looking for. We help you decide what is the difference between a band saw and a scroll saw for your next home improvement project.


Having the right saw is a big part of this process. Getting it means being able to make the right cuts in the right places and giving life to your imagination. 


Today, we’re comparing band saws and scroll saws. We chose these from all the other types because, unlike them, there aren’t a lot of apparent differences between these machines. Hence picking one over the other can be very tricky, especially for amateurs. 


Even so, some significant differences can drastically impact your work. We’re taking a close at both. Then you can choose the one that fits your requirements best. 


Throughout this article, we’ll give you brief descriptions of the two types of saws and then explain the advantages of using them. Then we’ll compare them directly in terms of how expensive each type is and how you can use them; this should help you decide which one you should purchase.


what is the difference between a band saw and a scroll saw

Band Saw


Band saws work like jigsaws. So if you’ve worked with a jigsaw, you’ll be able to find your way around a band saw very quickly. 


You can use band saws on a table or as standalone tools, and they’re ideal for people who need to carry their tools with them. So if you’re a contractor and have to go to different work sites with your toolbox, this is the perfect saw. 


It isn’t a huge tool and is quite portable. The best thing about it is that you can use it to cut a large curve into the wood. Other great functions include being able to make rip cuts through hardwood and cutting out arches. 


Band saws often have a fence that helps you with rip cutting; other jigs help with cutting circles and arches. 


Band saws cut angles and straights very well. Since they’re stronger than scroll saws, they’re better for people working with large pieces of plywood. However, they don’t let you cut an inner circle when it comes to wood. 


It isn’t physically impossible; however, it isn’t very neat. Scroll saws do a better job here. Even so, if you’re building furniture, a band saw will be great for you.


Advantages Of Using A Band Saw


In addition to being small and portable, this saw is also fast and accurate. This means woodworkers can use it to create awkward and complicated patterns quickly and neatly. 


This is where the difference between band saws and jigsaws becomes evident; the former lets you move the material you’re working on, allowing for more control and accuracy. 


The comparative is having to move yourself and the tool versus moving the wood plank in front of you and the tool. The latter is more comfortable. And as we all know, the best work happens when we’re in a casual environment and can get the right angles on our tools. 

what is the difference between a band saw and a scroll saw

Scroll Saw


Scroll saws use thin short blades to cut through objects. These blades are typically less than a quarter inch. The specific measurement changes from instrument to instrument, and so you’ll have to look at product descriptions to find it. 


Their functioning is fairly simple. The saws move back and forth in an oscillating motion. You can control their speed with a pedal. It takes a little time to figure out how these pedals work, though. So you’ll want to test them out once before starting your project. 


These saws come in two throat sizes: long and short. Depending on what you’re using the saw for, you may want one or both of them. 


Advantages Of Using A Scroll Saw


Scroll saws are great at making clean and intricate cuts. So they’re ideal for cutting out jigsaw puzzles and figurines. Since you can control the speed of the blades, you get a lot of control over the cuts; this isn’t an option with band saws.


How To Choose Between Band Saws And Scroll Saws


Now that you have a general understanding of how the two types of saws work, we’re going to give you a direct comparison between the two across two metrics: price and usage.




All power tools cost a lot of money. They are expensive. However, scroll saws are cheaper than band saws. Therefore, if you’re only looking to buy a saw for a simple project, you should get a scroll saw. 


Also, if you don’t craft professionally and don’t see yourself using the tool more than a handful of times, it doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on it. In such a situation, we’d recommend getting the cheaper scroll saw. 


However, if you’re a professional crafter or woodworker, you should weigh up the features of band saws and scroll saws and then pick the one better suited to your needs. Your decision shouldn’t be based on price tags.




Now let’s compare the features of the two saws. Band saws are great at cutting through thick materials and are often found in industrial settings. The blades are typically 6 inches thick, which makes these saws super powerful.


On the other hand, scroll saws are ideal for projects that require intricate designs. The blades move in an oscillatory motion that creates a smooth and professional finish. However, given that the edges are rarely thicker than ¼ inch, they aren’t suited to cutting through thick pieces of wood.


Another point of comparison in terms of usage is their ability to cut curves. You should get a scroll saw if you want to cut curves and a band saw to cut straight lines. The former holds true because you can move the material when working with a scroll saw. However, this isn’t an option with band saws. So if you try to make a design with one, it won’t be neat or precise.


Wrap Up 


In conclusion, band saws and scroll saws have some differences that make them easy to compare. To understand them, you need a clear grasp of the essential functions of both tools. 


Band saws make straight cuts quickly and efficiently. However, scroll saws make more precise cuts and come in handy when creating intricate and complicated designs. Depending on what you’re crafting, choose one of these saws. 


If you’re only going to use this saw once and never again, it doesn’t make sense to invest a lot of money into this expense. Given that scroll saws are typically cheaper, we’d recommend getting that. 


However, if your one-time project requires a lot of curves and designing, getting a scroll saw will be a waste of money. Therefore, it is super important to have a clear grasp of the requirements of your project. 


That is the only way you will be able to make a properly informed decision.


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