How Many CFM do I Need to Paint a Car?

How many CFM do I need to paint a car

With paint guns, supplies and how-to videos becoming readily available more DIY enthusiasts are taking to painting a car at home. The proper equipment is needed when doing this job which can be tricky without the right tools for your project; something as simple like an undersized compressor could translate into poor quality work that will leave you frustrated!

We’ve decided give some tips on what type of airbrush or sprayer may suit best depending upon where they’ll be using these items most often – whether inside their own garage OR out in public space with other people watching them do things by themselves…It’s important to choose the right air compressor for your paint gun.

Not only will it impact how well you can use and maintain a specific brand of equipment, but also what kind of performance those guns are capable off- especially if they happen be high end professional models! Look at CFM output – this tells us whether or not we need more than one with our current setup (which will require extra work).Most newbies struggle finding their way around an Air Compressor because there is SO much information available on them.

Your paint gun is the bottleneck for your project. If you’re looking to do a lot of work in one day, consider getting something with high CFM ratings. When buying any kind equipment there are always going want special considerations depending on what material we plan to use or how large our workspace is.

Make sure you have adequate air reserve– The tiny tanks on small paint gun compressors are not enough to keep up with the demand of running a big gun all day. This is why it’s important for even those who plan on using low CFM guns like pancake or similar types should still invest in an extra tank so that their project doesn’t end before they’re finished painting!

So what does this all mean? We suggest picking your air compressor size by calculating how many cubic feet per minute (CFM) the average person uses on their tools. If you’re not an avid painter, then consider getting one with less output for painting jobs; however if that’s not enough and want some big time painting power at home – go ahead with more powerful unit! And never forget: You can never have too much CFMs because growing into it will be easy as pie over time!

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