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What Can You Do With An Air Compressor At Home?




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what can you do with an air compressor

Air compressors can be found in a variety of settings and are used for a variety of purposes. Read this article and discover what you can do with an air compressor and improve your home improvement projects.


Gas stations provide compressed air so you can inflate your vehicle’s tires, and your local mechanic can remove your tires with compressed air and a special tool.


You may have seen small desktop air compressors with airbrushes or a trailer-style gas-powered air compressor operating jackhammers and concrete compactors at a construction site. 


In fact, you’ve probably come across a variety of air compressors without even realizing it when you travel day to day. They could be buried in your refrigerator or in the HVAC system of local businesses. 


While there are many different types of air compressors in terms of capacity and power supply, the bulk of air compressors have two primary designs: reciprocating piston air compressors and rotary screw air compressors.


Several products are available in these two types, ranging from low-pressure air in a tiny storage tank, which is enough to pump up your bike or car tires. And the ultimate power of pressurized air, which will supply heavy manufacturing facilities with steady and reliable air for plant operations. 


Three Types Of Air Compressors


Air Compressors For Home Use


These are classified as pancake or single-stage models. They’re used for things like inflating tires and inflatable objects around the house, as well as possible low-load air equipment like staplers and brand guns.


Professional-Grade Air Compressors 


These deliver more power and compressed air at a higher pressure. They can be two-stage reciprocating or rotary screw types, and they can supply enough power to run multiple air tools at the same time with intermittent use.


Industrial-Grade Air Compressors 


These air compressors will be a manufacturing plant’s workhorse or an oil rig’s dependable power supply. They are built to produce a constant supply of compressed air for long periods of time. These type are tough enough to withstand the variable demands of large production plants. 


Compressed Air Power At Home


Having an air compressor at home will simplify numerous maintenance jobs and enable creative expression through hobbies and professional artwork. With the variety of sizes and powers available in a reciprocating piston design, any purpose at home will be covered.


The reciprocating piston air compressor is the type of compressor you’ll come across most frequently, especially in small shops or at home. These work by lowering the space in which the air is contained to increase air pressure.


It has a cylinder, valve head, crankshaft, connecting rod, and piston that compresses air and delivers it to the storage tank by moving up and down. This air compressor can be powered by either an electric motor or a gas engine, allowing for remote operation and mobility.


The majority of air compressors for household use will be small enough to be wheeled or carried. A larger fixed tank will give a superior air source if you have a home shop with pneumatic tools. 


Air Compressor In-Home Applications


From the small handheld air compressor to the stationary 60+ gallon tank model, people are using compressed air in a variety of ways for fun and work around the house. Here’s a list of small and large hobbies, maintenance, and repairs that could benefit from compressed air:


  • Inflatables And Tire Pumping


Although compressed air pumps are simple in construction, they can deliver superior airflow for everyday tasks such as:

  • Adding air to bike and automobile tires
  • Inflating pool accessories such as balloons
  • Pumping air into an air mattress at home or on a vacation
  • Inflating deflated sports equipment


  • Washing With Pressure 


An air compressor is used in pressure washers to force the water out. Compressed air pressure washers come in a range of sizes and tank capacities and are ideal for:


  • Residential properties (cleaning the siding, brick, and walkways) and decks and patios that are in need of a makeover
  • Substituting for harsh chemicals or cleaning agents


  • All Types of Carpentry And Woodwork


Without compressed air, carpentry would be more difficult for everyone from seasoned craftsmen to rookie woodworkers. Air compressors are used in woodworking and metalworking for the following purposes:


  • In woodworking, sanding is used to prepare surfaces for treatment.
  • Providing power to pneumatic instruments such as nail guns
  • Removing imperfections in wood and metal
  • Cleaning the workstation of any excess rust or dust
  • Working on wood materials in a continuous or precise manner 


  • Crafting Purposes


Compressed air crafting tools are often small and light, making them ideal for usage around the house. Compressed air is commonly used in everyday life for the following purposes:


  • When using an airbrush to paint small precision projects
  • Using paint sprayers on larger surfaces such as bicycles, automobile bodywork, and recreational vehicles
  • Using a variety of pneumatic equipment to do home projects
  • When using air guns to clean up the job at the end


  • Any Kind Of Yard Work


Homeowners who are resourceful can follow in the footsteps of others who have used air compressors to make their yard maintenance more efficient. Compressed air is used by many groundskeepers, landscapers, and gardeners for the following tasks:


  • Using focused air pressure to clean nooks and tight areas on equipment or other tough things
  • Getting rid of puddles of water that have accumulated in inconvenient locations
  • Sweeping the yard of leaves and debris
  • Weedkiller application for larger yards


And There’s More!


There are many more uses for air compressors than the ones we’ve included here! While these air compressors are designed to accomplish only one thing一blow compressed air一you’ll probably find that they’re helpful for a lot more than you anticipated.


Air compressors are a necessity for almost every homeowner. An air compressor is a machine that you will require if you do any type of DIY work too. An air compressor can be used if you need to quickly blow something or operate a pneumatic tool.


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