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How To Increase CFM on Air Compressor – Essential Tips




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how to increase cfm on air compressor

Are you looking for the most convenient way to increase CFM on any air compressor? Here are two simple ways to enhance CFM effectively.Working on any technical job can be very daunting without the right tools. Welcome to the article that will answer all the issues you need on using your air compressor. Do you know how to increase your air compressor’s effectiveness when it is not providing enough power? It would be best to ensure you can customize your air compressor as much as possible to complete your projects seamlessly.

Here you will find out an easy way to help you increase CFM on any air pressure. I understand the difference in air compressors may be huge, and working with various pieces of equipment may seem overwhelming. Know how to perform these actions to ensure you have the right power on your compressor to finish your projects without any hassle. 

What Does CFM Mean ?

It would be best to know the CFM and how it works before using it effectively on your air compressors. Once you can tell the issues that affect your air compressors and the proper use of a CFM, you won’t have trouble solving them effectively.

CFM is the abbreviation for Cubic Feet per Minute. It is the unit for measuring the speed of air present or moving in and out of space. The units are measured per minute, showing the amount of air transported in a given space in one minute or sixty seconds. Any air compressor machine is not able to work effectively without a CFM. They are manufactured differently depending on the type of air compressor you are using. Despite the difference, the CFM is inevitable and must have a tool to make your work effective. 

How To Increase CFM on an Air Compressor?

You can increase your air compressor CFM in two ways. The process is very straightforward, and there is nothing unique to worry about. You also don’t need anyone to train to ensure you can use these two ways effectively.

1. Decrease the Pressure (PSI)

In scientific studies, the formula for finding power or energy output is given by:

Power=volume/time * pressure. 

From the formula, we can denote that the volume/time is referred to as CFM. Therefore, by calculations, reducing the pressure leads to a higher power. Once you reduce the pressure, the machine will then operate at optimum but a bit slower. It will work with more power and enable you enough time to complete what you are working on. 

Most air compressors are commonly used to generate power that is limited and used for both domestic and residential projects. The best solution to achieve the maximum power you need to finish your task is to adjust the regulator to a lower point.

At the lowest point of the regulator, the airflow is significantly reduced, leading to a much lower PSI. As a result, the speed of air rises rapidly. The air compressor tank stores enough pressure inside that it takes a lot of time to deflate. It would be best to allow your compressor to have some extra time to reduce or keep up with the tank’s pressure eventually. It not only increases the efficiency of your machine but also helps it to be more durable. Another significant advantage of using this method is by ensuring your compressor has efficient maintenance. 

2. Connect Two Air Compressors 

After training to regulate your pressure and don’t find the results you are looking for, try this new method. It is instrumental, and you can use it for projects that need vast amounts of power. It is also a simple process where you need to get two air compressors. You will be required to connect the two air compressors.

connecting two air compressors

To connect two air compressors, you need three hoses, two hoses for the two air compressors, and a single three-hole hose for making the connection. You can combine the two air compressors using these simple steps:

  • Connect both compressors to the hoses effectively.  
  • Use the third hose to hook the compressors together.
  • Place the output on the three-hole of your implement.

You can imagine following three simple steps offers you enough power to drive all your projects effectively. You will find the highest capacity of air as you need. The energy you get is the total amount of the two air compressors. The process is beneficial, and you can never fail to get the power you need with it.The only limitation to using this final step is when you need to wait to tolerate the air that is sucked into the tanks. Sometimes it makes the tanks to be slow hence decreasing their durability. Therefore, it is prudent to use it less often and only when your project requires more power.

Increasing the PSI

You can use various ways to increase the PSI to affect the pressure of air you will use during your work. When you connect two air compressors, ensure there is no variance between the pressure switches. Ensure the two compressors have similar vim for the input and output PSI. It will enhance the CFM very high and achieve the highest power of the two air compressors.

If you use different compressors with different pressure, the pressure falls on one machine, only spoiling it. It is inevitable to balance the pressure between the two compressors.

Also, ensure you check the valves to ensure they are still in use and are reliable to get the job done. Replace the valves if they seem weaker. The valves’ strength ensures the airflow is perfect and will not be pushed back into the tank. 

Reducing the CFM

Sometimes you may need to reduce the CFM when your project requires so. It is easy to do this since it is possible to decrease the airflow manually. When you do it, do not attempt to reduce the CFM too low. It is a major spoiler to several tools.

Ensure you know what to do before you do it. Any slight mistake may lead to spoiling your special tool. 

Final Thoughts

You can now use your air compressor more effectively, right? Use the above two simple methods to increase your CFM effectively. It is simple: by decreasing the pressure and connecting two air compressors. Reduce the PSI when you want to put your tool in a safe mode. When doing these activities, be sure of anything you need to do.

Follow these instructions as given, and you will enjoy all your projects to completion. Please don’t fail to comment on how this piece helps you. Also, comment if you have any solution you want to share with others.

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